Welcome to Spiral Touch Healing!

The focus at Spiral Touch is to establish trust, and create a safe and relaxing environment for healing.

My goal is to provide a complete approach to wellness, using a combination of techiniques:

Massage works on the physical body to relax and therapeutically address muscular pain or disfunction.

Hypnosis works with your thoughts and subconscious mind to redirect your energies, rewrite your behavior or redirect healing commands to the physical body.

Crystal and Shamanic Healing works on the energy system and "luminous body" of an individual causing shifts on the energy level. These shifts help you heal, let go of patterns, behaviors and emotions that have outlived their purpose. It brings light into the system and expands awareness.

Sound healing, Reiki color healing, breathwork, Aromatherapy and guided visualization are some of the tools that are incorporated into the healing work at Spiral Touch.

I hope to see you soon! Be well,

      ~ Catherine

"Catherine, I want to thank you for being my Massage therapist. I have been looking for years for the right therapist with no luck, until I found you. Your ability to give a deep tissue massage is what made all the difference to me."  
                                                                                           - Charles Hoyt